Thanks to my nine interviewees for talking to me so candidly about personal and intellectual matters. I hope they don’t regret that decision too much. Thanks to friends, colleagues and acquaintances who have given me feedback on the book or simply listened to me yammer about it for the last few years. They include Chris Bremser, Michael Chorost, Garry Dobbins, Phil Heffernan, Jim Holt, Charles Johnson, George Johnson, Bernardo Kastrup, Richard Kroehling, Theresa MacPhail, Jim McClellan, Greg Morgan, Lisa O’Neill, David Papineau, David Rothenberg, Michael Steinmann, Lee Vinsel, Tyler Volk, Alex Wellerstein, Bob Wright, Karen Wright and my oh-so-patient girlfriend “Emily.” Thanks to Mike Lemonick and the rest of Scientific American crew for letting me blog about mind-body stuff, and thanks to Deepak Chopra, Stuart Hameroff (under duress), Piet Hut, Caleb Scharf, Rene Stettler and Wendell Wallach for letting me give talks that helped me figure out what I think. Thanks to Dave Chalmers and Ned Block for organizing stimulating mind-body meetings at NYU, and to members of my New York philosophy salon for tolerating me. Thanks to my former student Frankie Guarini for assembling this website and to Russian artist/writer Nikita Petrov for creating the fabulous images that open each chapter, including the psychedelic knot. You guys are the best! And thanks to all my Stevens students, to whom I dedicate this book, for keeping me on my toes.